Fursecutors Unite!
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First - the purpose of this community:

In case it has escaped the notice of any of you, those things that are known as "Furries" have massive 'support systems'. Lots of places for them to go and whine about being discriminated against. Many hiding spots where they can whine to those who consider it their 'basic human rights' and be loved and listened to.

Well, not here. WE are not the bad guys for refusing to believe that an obsession with other species, often to the point where one refuses to acknowledge oneself as part of the human race, is "good" or "right" or "okay". We are in fact the ones being discriminated against for having an opinion, and knowing that 'kink' or 'sexual preference' should at the LEAST contain itself to individuals of the same species, consensual, and adult.

Any deep sociopolitical reasoning aside, furries are just plain wrong.

Rules for this community:

Posts should be on topic. Whether it's a joke, or a news article, or some piece of anti furry activism, or a general statement or point of view from the poster, let's keep it to that, we have our own personal journals for other matters.

If a furry really actually wants to post here, that's okay by me, and I won't stop them from doing it. Feel free; however, to make your opinions known to them as much as you would like.

The last rule, and perhaps the most important, is that we should avoid being overly inflammatory to others who share our viewpoints in this particular case. If the freaks are going to stick together, we have to as well. Disagreement is okay, but if there is constant flaming back and forth with specific individuals, we may have to dress you in a freaky monkey f*@k suit and throw you to the furries.

All the rhetoric aside, please spread the word about our little community and help us grow. Also, posting links to anti-fur websites is helpful, and they will be listed on our page (after review). This is your community too, get involved!

Hate mail can be sent to [Xi.]