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Fursecution [entries|friends|calendar]
Fursecutors Unite!

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[22 Jul 2008|09:58pm]

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godhatesfurries [25 Feb 2008|04:13pm]

Does anybody know what happened to godhatesfurries.com?  It says it has been suspended, anybody know why? 
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Holy fucking shit, ultra death! [13 Feb 2008|02:03pm]

Have a pair of random funny furry pics from /b/ then.
G'night again d00dz!
Mmm furreh bargarz.

Random pluggings:
Remember this on Dreamcast? It's back, in a different form!
Not as hectic and shooty as the original though, except in neutral zone endgame. :<
Still pretty cool though for two guys' work.
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What do you get when... [04 Nov 2007|06:31pm]

[ mood | EUREKA!!! ]

You cross King of Fighters with SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog, Digimon, Avatar The Last Airbender, Taito style Engrish, and a Jolt cola-fueled midnight rush without a spellchecker?

...Only the best epic fanfic series ever, that's what!
There's even more crossover madness, of course, but those are the mains. This is all over the place, NIMH, Disney (ALL Disney, even Kim Fucking Possible), DBZ, every single "typically loved by furry" western 'toon plus a couple extras all mashed together in a trainyard chemical wreck unheard of since the Great Accidental Mustard Gassing of Lyon! Look out intarwebs, there's a new Gonterman in town! HE EVEN GETS FREAKIN' MIGHTY MAX IN ON THIS!

Examples from here:

"Callie: Man not good

Charles: Right now we got to think

Shadow Charles; what about the 7 CHaos Emeralds

Charles: thinking "Not quite sure Clawer is a Orich but Don't know if the Chaos Emearld will work agents him or the Master Emearld

Scott: Unlese Charles did you still have your Light Morpher

Charles; You Right Took out his Light SPD Morpher "This May work but Power of Light can Deffeted Clawer?

Shadow Charles: Power of Light and Darkenese can Beat Clawer Ace Ying YANG Dragon

Charles: OF CORSE If we call Ace then his Ying Yang Dragon May have a chance "

"(With an evil smirk, Orochi Clawer waits until his enemy got close and then he stabs his right hand into Charles's body making him gasps in pain. The orochi raises Charles's body and say, "This will be your dying place!!" Then the Orochis' power explode and fusing to enemy's body.)

Callie: (horrified) Charles...

Scott: He's gone! He killed him!

Orochi Clawer: Two down, whose next?

Scott: I am goign to use the Solar Engery Bomb so Ace keep him bussy *Then All the Pants, People, and world giving Scott the Power to Formed the Solar Engery

Ace Still proecting then he took out his Ying Yang Draogn as his Last Eftord

There's also an LOTR/Cartoon Network/Kingdom Hearts mega-crossover that's mega-awesome.
Oh I forgot to mention...He's also 24. And from the US. PH34R

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Damn it all, why do all the chans have to be down? [21 Oct 2007|11:33pm]

A delish furfag thread is brewing on the board of other fags.
Ah well, laughing at their justifications is easily as fun.

"Hi everyone! My name is Mameoyashi, and I'm here to discuss the furry community. I was thrilled when I saw the LD show up in the list of forums, and for the first few days I was waiting for a good thread to show up... but decided I was impatient and to put myself on the line with my own thread discussion the furry community and lifestyle in general. I am hoping to provide various views on what is/is not a furry, I will bring up definitions, quotations, observations and I'll even have a few questions to pose you all at the end (furry or not!).

I do, however, have a few things I want to say to begin with:"

which is followed by some posts of stupid rules of conduct and shit.
Then: JLcerberus "I'd have to say that I'm a furry as well, but I tend to make up my own mytholgy (mostly for some of my storys--and no you haven't head of any of them......yet)."
Yeah, you fucking egomaniac, I bet you wish people WOULD worship your stupid fursonas the way people worship Zigzag and the 2kinds girls.
and here's another snippet.

"Personally, I find really annoying, yet understandable (It's a fear for the unknown, sadly modern society lives up for that), the fact some like to include all furries on the same concept of sex-driven, reality-impaired sociopaths. It is just like saying all Anime fans want to screw little girls, or that all americans are greedy bastards. My motto is "live and let live", and this both applies for both fellow furries and outsiders. And the problem is, a minority of the fandom that is really screwed up of their minds represent the whole tainted image the outer world has about it. This is when people push their problems way too far, and lack of comprension becomes misunderstanding, that leads to intolerance. The best way to cope up with this problem, is to illustrate people about how furries really are. Seriously, knowledge is power. As soon as people start to see us more as harmless weirdos and less than sexual criminals without a hold of reality, the better."

Finally an exchange from page2:
I'd have to say that I'm a furry as well, but I tend to make up my own mytholgy (mostly for some of my storys--and no you haven't head of any of them......yet cool ).

I think all humans could be classified as furries in a way.

I don't understand. Also, do furries also have a fetish or a spirt for other animals other than mammals and reptiles? Such as Fish or insects?

Yeah, but I'm more into the fandom then....Well lets just say theirs a fine line. But it's suppose to be a fun, geeky type of thing. People have found the thoughts of anthro's sense the days of the cave man.....Then again I'm a Chirstian, so I really don't beileve in that stuff--But I'm way off topic here."

Also I was dismayed to see furrychan is still up. They do have a funny thread going here

opening post:
at 14 Oct 2007: 18:31

>>57669 I chose the Hard Vore thread because I see it as a good representative for what I am against. I don't think there is anything wrong with anything that promotes love. I don't mind cub porn. Scat is tolerable. I don't know what to say about rape because I don't understand it. I think rape was an invented concept, and shouldn't be seen as anything worse than forcing someone to share lunch with you, and its just amplified by a sex-phobic society, but w/e, I don't like to see anything in emotional pain and so I think rape fans should consider whether or not they are putting arousal in higher priority over love. I like herms. =3 I actually wear my own fursuit and snuggle with a plusie in bed, usually at the same time. I don't think there is anything wrong with that because its done out of having an affection for something.

Whatever you may think, I ask this: Do you believe that enjoying digestion, hard vore, torture, violence, snuff, crushing, death or jacking off to roadkill is respectful? If you think it is, I'd really want to see how logical your thinking is."
When that's the opening post, you know it can only get better from there!
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Get on the Youtubes [06 Oct 2007|05:21am]

Anyone here on Youtube?


If there's anyone left here go to:

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Get on the [06 Oct 2007|05:21am]

Anyone here on Youtube?


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Anthrocon 2007 }:O !! [19 Jul 2007|01:27am]

[ mood | sad ]



There is at least one redeeming thing on that page, a picture of protesters with at least one good sign:


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Do crazy cat ladies count? [18 Jul 2007|09:56pm]


"hi people! this is my first post here!

I just wanted to tell you the story of me and the love of my life: my cat Pixie

Since little kid i always had cats, always! Sometimes more than one. When one cat died i always had anotherdays later. some years ago i was in the street with my sister and we saw a black fluffly thing on the road, we close up and it was.... the cutest black fluffy cat that i ever saw! We holded him and he is with us for 3, almost 4 years.

I loved all my cats but this one is so so special to me. I love him to death, just like i love a person. I feel that he understands me when i talk to him, and i feel that he answers me with his eye language and the way that he touchs me with his little "hands" :) well.. every cat that i had were great, extremelly funny and cute, and i will never ever forget each of them, i will always remember them with joy and happiness! But there's something with this one.. i feel like he is a person.. He is my soulmate and husband! :P

a pic of me and him(his "hand" is hat dark thing on my lips, he was like petting me!):"
lol wut?

Love the fact some free-wheeling hippy seems to have actually agreed with her.

2007-07-10 04:04 pm (local) (link) Track This
I love that you freely admit to him being your husband... all the more power to you. Kitties might just save the world.

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2007-07-11 07:58 am (local) (link) Track This
aww thank you dear! hell yeah! kitties might sabe the world!"
Surprisingly, no drama. I think everyone was too shocked by the crazy cat lady to form any coherent sentences.

Estoid's profile...lol...Oh man, what great names for her cats.

"I have two cats, V.I. Walt Kitten and Rexus Jesus Walker Texas Ranger. V.I. came to us from the farmer's market, where he and his sister were being given away by some kids from a farm. My friend Amanda fell in love with him when she stopped by that day, and took the kittens home to try to convince her mom that adopting them would be a good idea, but he was turned away and thus I was called, her knowing that I wanted to get a kitten. After a confusing drive to shitty St. Albert, he was mine. V.I. grew up to be a chubby runt who trails me around the house. His interests include his mouse, eating all the time, and spooning. He is my sunshine."
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Quick lulz over fursecution at a mapping forum. [04 Jul 2007|12:53am]

"1 Day Ago #28

May 2007
4971 Smart

This is sick and wrong. Are you proud to be a furry?"

"1 Day Ago #33
Colditz is Friendly

Jul 2005
5479 Smart

Well, let me explain, ( First off, yes I'm proud to be a Furry ).
Second, Threeball97 made the map. We weren't going to make something great, just something for the Furry Community and not something for everyone. If you really don't like it, then get out and don't even think about Rating!"
And that is all you need to know. :B
Nooo! Don't be critical of my map! Even though I'm fishing for compliments from all my furriends and other loser furries because I'm posting this in a public area! Of course all those morons think it's the 'gratest map evar' even though he didn't make ONE SINGLE THING on it.

A screenshot of the map in question provided by anonymous. Unfortunately anonymous did not want to share the map, as "Such a travesty committed upon Half-life should be forever forgotten, never to rise again in the graveyard of crap that is the internet." There's also a screenshot someone else posted as a link in the thread, hoir: http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/5183/csoffice0008xk3.jpg
Cut.Collapse )
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I was wondering why so many (worthless) posts disappeared... [22 Jun 2007|08:19am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Soooo, who else noticed someone whacked Laughingkitty? Did anyone notice what he was banned for?

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Is it possible for anyone to take this seriously? [19 Jun 2007|08:47pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]


Anyone? Ever?

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lulzy trolling fun [08 Jun 2007|05:15pm]

I snagged the whole thread since I figured it would get deleted soon, as it was already up like, a whole week. I guess 7chan mods are super-lazy compared to 4chan mods though, because it's still up! So I'm about 10 pictures behind the current thread.
http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/-1100173650/ACarryLegendSmall.rar (thumbnail only)
blame my roommate. He said it would be a funny pun. I don't even know what it's making a pun off of.
I'm updating them now of course, but I sure as hell ain't uploading them again!
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ONOES! FURRY PORN ICON DIES! [22 May 2007|09:43am]

The journal entry and the two relevant pictures. (and I'm sure more to come as everyone gets all weepy over fictional characters)

(kinda surprised they went for 'fluffy, flowery, symbolic nonsense death,' myself, they seem like the kind of people that would prefer to go out fucking, by either cardiac arrest or prolapse-by-horsecock. Still managed to work some suggestiveness in there though, and a half-baked nonsensical morality play. What brought her to Anubis in the first place, desecrate a statue by using its long ebony ears in an improper fashion? Deflowering too many young boys before they could become eunuchs? Oh wait, he's just yiffy, that's why she picked him. lolol)

You might be wondering what the lulz in such an occurence might be. Outside of the obvious in the title. Well! I'm glad you asked. There's a little hint up above. It seems that yet another problem wholly contained within the basketcase fandumb that is 'furry' has arisen. There is apparently some debate as to whether or not they actually exist.

What the FUCK? Can you think of any other place this could possibly happen? I can understand with there being so many androgynus cows and actual TGs among them they might mix up genders sometimes. But not being sure whether they even exist? Holy shit. Only furry, only. The fact it remains on their wiki despite the fact it's a literal dramabomb can only mean there's some truth to it. And if it's completely true, I can only say FurryFelon/Herbie Bear is either a bonafide schizo or the furry Ricky Skaggs, not for informative thinking anti-media-panic purposes but for pure trolling. Masterful deception/self-delusion, either way. If I knew about this before I moved I would've checked it out myself, it'd make a seriously good anthropopsycology study. (Canada too far now) I'd even had taken my brainzappin' gear and relevant stimuli.

"As for the MLG, I have never met them in person. Herb has a framed photograph of an attractive, nude blonde woman, which he brings to the convention and keeps on his bedside table, who appears to be a real-life likness of Charlene, the blonde MLG, and who he identifies as such. On occassion he has also received/made phone calls which were purported to be to/from them, there in the hotel room.

I have every reason to believe that they do exist, as I see no reason for Herb to playing a ruse upon me. However, I have not actually had contact with them apart from email--Cobalt 06:46, 28 December 2006 (UTC)"
rofl, it's America d00d, $500, hell, $50 is enough to get such a photograph. $5 if you're suave enough. Find a mexican with Spanish ancestry and Banderas' voice, giv'im $5, send him into a club, he'll come out with like a dozen of'em. Besides which, how often do you see furries who exactly match their fursona? What a goober. I'm gonna have to sell this guy some vacuum cleaners.
I'd've hit upon this sooner but I was busy with the Subeta raid. Fun as fuck, especially finding out all the broken stuff. (which I might add was broken and unusable long before anonymous ever got there due to shitty coding.) On another unrelated note, I've always wondered how loopy wiccans eulagize people they hate. I'm seriously curious as to the kind of flowery poetic verses Sashi138 would construct over furry troll passings. Or maybe she'd just take the "How sad. I pitied them. They wasted their lives." cop-out.
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Failure [24 Apr 2007|12:47am]

[ mood | exanimate ]

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Set calendars for July 5th! [16 Apr 2007|08:52am]

Since it's been leaked somehow, damned /fur/ lurkers, might as well post what could be potentionally epic.

And the warning: http://www.anthrocon.org/node/764

It's too bad it's all the way on the opposite side of the US from me. I would love to be there observing this epic moment, documenting furry reactions in an Aussie accent. Then again I've regained my hair-trigger temperment as of late, I'd probably wind up mauling some furry in a fit of rage and wake up the next day not remembering why I have 30 murder charges. XO

I would probably wind up palling around with the WTO protestor in this thread, he sounds suitably violent for my needs. (comment #41810)

"OH COME THE FUCK ON NOW!!! THIS RAID IS MADE OF EPIC AND WIN!! If its carried out in the right way it could go down in *chan HISTORY!!


Do you mean to tell me we can't plan a real life raid on furrys without everyone going BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW!!! DUN HURT DA FUURIES!! Where were you fags when we were raping that faggot? Where were you when we were cock slapping Habbo? WHERE WERE YOU WHEN WE MADE LOLIS CRY ON STICKAM!? Where were you when we fucked with retards on youtube!?

Are you telling me that when we fuck with YOUR shit we're idiots and fucktards? When we piss on YOUR parade we're wrong? Go jack off in your own shit you god forsaken cock stalkers.

You fags are like the nigger who played Chef from South Park."

Well said anonymi, well said. Hypocritical little shits. If I could get my hands on some of them I'd strap them to some of my rockets and fire them into NOW or Amnesty.
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That nutty science-fag obsessed with mice. [22 Mar 2007|12:12am]

[ mood | amused ]


Ray Jones drama still going.
lol, I didn't post it when it started just in case he had any compadres in LJ land checking anti-fur coms. There's been quite a few double-agents during this raid already. Which is completely mind-boggling. Why would anyone bother defending this guy? I bet they're the same rubes that think anti-furry = omg nazi fursecution, NEXT THEY'LL COME FOR ME AND I'LL HAVE NOWHERE TO HIDE!
They ought to go back to teaching correlation in schools. Just because some of us think it (nyuk, hinthint) doesn't mean they all think it!

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Okay, NOW it's gone. [07 Mar 2007|05:28am]

Looks like the tards spammed as a coup de grace. Whee.

Luckily I decided to grab the pics/thread before it got sacked.
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Looks to be a great start. [06 Mar 2007|06:08am]

[ mood | hyper ]

7chan's furry board now has a warning sign in place of the front page. Just a minor little joke by a bored mod. Absolutely no one would jump to conclusions over an IGN-ish blockup on the front page you have to click past to continue right? Just one...little...click...WRONG!!!!!! Fool, these are furries!


Hopefully this sticks around for awhile and generates more drama. It's already tasting like a delicious key lime pie. Yes second poster, I agree. I lol'd. Then, donning a diving bell, jackknifed into /fur/ and found exactly what I expected. Successful treasure hunt! I unearthed further lols.

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[28 Feb 2007|12:56pm]

cubstatik wrote:

This place is dead, if this won't revive it ...nothing will.

more like http://encyclopediadramatica.com/index.php/Tumbles_the_Stairdragon

yes, it happened, i had to walk a whole 100 feet more to go outside to smoke

word on the street is that there was a pool of blood where he apparently tried to slit his throat with raybans

someone with an ED account add "stairmaster" to that list please
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